Mobile App Development 

The world has seen a huge rise in online population. Within a decade only the face of the virtual world has changed a lot. More than 2 billion people are virtually available now. In developed countries like the USA, the online penetration has reached around 85% which means out of 100 people, 85 people are online. An average citizen in the USA uses 3 devices simultaneously. Similarly, other countries are also seeing good growth in online population. Our neighboring country China has reached 55% where as we are still at 35%.

But, why this sudden rise? It is very difficult to digest that all of a sudden people have purchased computers and started their online journey. Certainly, it is not. The main reason so many people are coming online is more and more people have started using smart phones. And what is a Smartphone if this doesn’t have the internet?

It is difficult to digest but however, it is true that from 1.4 billion mobile phones in 2014, at present we stand at 2.32
billion mobile phones in 2017 and by 2020 we expect to reach 3 billion.

So when we talk about a booming field, all other functions related to that booming field also see a huge and rapid growth and that’s the place mobile app development currently is. Since 99.6% mobile phones run on either android or IOS therefore android app, IOS app, and hybrid apps have seen rapid growth. Windows OS and Blackberry OS are almost extinct and the final battle is being fought between Android and IOS.

From the user point of view also it makes much more sense to use an app instead of going to a website again and again. Statistically, India is the 4th largest app economy in the world and only running behind China, US, and Brazil. For all these reasons this market is now at the mercy of mobile app development companies.
App development is a costly affair and an average app development takes at least eight weeks, i.e. 2 months (considering the kind of app). The average pricing in the US is around $48000, in Indian money, it is almost INR 31 lacs which many small companies cannot afford.

Probably this is the reason more and more companies are now outsourcing their work to India. In India, the cost of app development is 10X cheaper than USA which means anybody willing to spend INR 3 lacs will be able to afford an app. But it is not only the cost that people are turning to India; it is also about the quality that they get here.

In a year India will be hitting 4 Million app developer community in the world, making it in the highest in the world. Since there are so many developers and so many development companies, the market is highly competitive. Because of high competition over here, organizations do not have a choice but to develop and provide a good product. A single bad review might cost them a fortune and therefore everyone takes it very seriously and tries to provide a quality product only.
So, in a nutshell, India is a place where you get a quality app for a much cheaper price making our country a premium hub for outsourcing of app development work nowadays. 

There are mainly 4 types of mobile apps which are Android app development, iPhone app development, Windows app development and Blackberry app development. But as mentioned above, since iPhone and Android app development has a market share of more than 99%, other app developments have become almost extinct.
Android App Development:
Android App Development

Android app is one of the most popular app

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iPhone App Development:
iPhone App Development:

Since iPhone is considered a premium product

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Android App Development: 

Android app is one of the most popular app types and one who develops an app for mobile, cannot ignore this channel. You would be able to find every thing find that you are aware of on Google play store. Whatever vertical the app business is in, Android proves to be useful in all. There are certain advantages of Android app which are mentioned below,
1. High ROI:Since Android has a low barrier to entry and provides free SDK, the costing is less for Android app and therefore the ROI can be better.
2.Open source:Since it is open source, there are certain advantages in licensing, royalty free some great technologies.
3.Easy to integrate:The entire platform can be customized and therefore one can integrate and tweak the mobile app as per the requirements.

iPhone App Development: 

Since iPhone is considered a premium product, the presence of an iPhone app is very important. It is a great way to target the premium audience. Therefore iPhone app development is an important part of any app development. There are certain advantages of iPhone app development as well as shown below,
1.Free SDK: Similar to Android, iPhone SDK is free too.
2.Security: iPhone app is very secure and therefore more and more businesses show their interest in iPhone development.
3.Better experience: Because it’s iPhone, the app has to match the superior quality. Therefore it is seen that all iPhone apps have a better and superior experience when compared to other OS.

Why use Ragvim Technologies? 

It is often difficult to evaluate the quality and capability of an organization by just looking at the website or just reading out some reviews. Though we have these too yet also we believe that we are beyond these things. There are certain values we believe in which makes are very different,

  • Latest technology:We use the latest technology which is available in the market. Though it's a pretty dynamic market and there a new element every now and then, we keep a close eye and make sure we do not miss any.
  • On time delivery: We DO NOT miss targets.
  • Transparency: We have a CRM in place where all details are provided and you can always see the progress of your work.
  • Lifetime support:We do not do one-time work. We take care of our babies, always